Classical Products

For over 55 years, Seva Sadan has mastered the art of producing Ayurvedic preparations, blending traditional knowledge of drug manufacturing with scientific update. Today, Seva Sadan’s Consumer Health Division -- which looks after marketing of Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic Over-The-Counter products -- has redefined the Ayurvedic market and healthcare promotion activities involving leading Ayurvedic practitioners across the globe.

At Seva Sadan, we have more than 500 Shastriya (Classical) Ayurvedic preparations, which form an important part of every Ayurvedic practitioner’s daily practice.

Clinical Advice

  • Dr. C.P. Dixit, Ayurvedachary (Ex-Regional Ayurvedic & Unani Professor)
  • * Everyday 6pm to 8pm On Phone 9837014430
  • * Free Camps - Sun, Tue, Fri on 10am to 3pm at Seva Sadan Ayurvedic       Chikitsa Kendra Jain Nagar,Agra gate, Firozabad (U.P.)