Sister Concern

Honey is packed under the name and style as UTTRA KHAND MADHU through its sister concern M/S Shri Ayurved Seva Sadan Pvt. Ltd., Firozabad.

Uttrakhand Madhu is obtained from the botanical places which are full of flowers and Botanical plants. It is processed under Modern Techniques and packed in different sizes for the use of Human beings. UTTRA KHAND MADHU is an excellent natural source of instant energy. Helps in problems of cough & cold, digestion & constipation , Gas & acidity, Eye sores & wounds. Helps in building Haemoglobin. It contains antibiotic properties. Helps new born babies in developing resistance.

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Clinical Advice

  • Dr. C.P. Dixit, Ayurvedachary (Ex-Regional Ayurvedic & Unani Professor)
  • * Everyday 6pm to 8pm On Phone 9837014430
  • * Free Camps - Sun, Tue, Fri on 10am to 3pm at Seva Sadan Ayurvedic       Chikitsa Kendra Jain Nagar,Agra gate, Firozabad (U.P.)